Nutrition / by Will Warren-Davey - 5 months ago

Antioxidants 101

Antioxidants are compounds and molecules that have a stabilising effect on these free radicals, halting the chain of electron stealing, and preventing cellular disruption and damage.

Nutrition / by Will Warren-Davey - 7 months ago

Electrolytes 101

In this article we will be exploring what electrolytes are, what function they perform and what are the best sources! Pro tip-the answer is likely not in your favourite sports drink!

Nutrition / by Will Warren-Davey - 7 months ago

Gaining Major Muscle With Micro’s

The purpose of this article will be to drill down further into not just calorie counting and macro tracking, but rather, how to make smarter food choices to enhance our daily nutrient intake of both vitamins and minerals to see which will result in the greatest gains. 


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