Lifestyle / by Shelley Back - 6 months ago

Stop Fearing The Brown Banana!

So why are bananas in the limelight for causing cancer cures? Because a Japanese study with rats, not humans, identified a response after eating very ripe bananas. So someone out there has taken this to make us fearful of brown bananas…Let’s go back to actual truths…

Nutrition / by Shelley Back - 7 months ago

The Power of Turmeric and Black Pepper

By now, we've all heard of 'TURMERIC'… the good ol' "golden spice" often used in Curry. BUT did you know the potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in turmeric may help with depression and arthritis?!?

Lifestyle / by Shelley Back - 7 months ago

Motivational Gym Hacks

We’ve all been there…You’ve set your summer bod goals, but now you just can’t be bothered to train. So, who’s ready to kick butt?!?! Here are some gym hacks to get you motivated. 

Lifestyle / by Shelley Back - 7 months ago

Summer's Coming!

It’s that time of year we become overwhelmed by supposed solutions to getting rid of the ‘winter cushioning’ ready for our summer bod. Overwhelmed? Me too! SO, I have come up with a few tips to help you achieve the summer body you wish for!

Recipes / by Shelley Back - 6 months ago

Choc Crisp Slice

This recipe is an alternative to my childhood favourite, Chocolate crackles! It is simple to make, and the perfect complement to an arvo cuppa, guilt-free. 


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