Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 3 months ago

Chewy Protein Biscuits

Get into the Anzac Day spirit with an added dose of protein thanks to these Chewy Anzac Biscuits. Created by fit foodie, Sarah Ky, this recipe uses plant-based protein powder to give you a healthy spin on a traditional favourite.

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 10 months ago

Choc PBJ tarts

So yesterday I made some Choc PBJ protein tarts and I think I may be making these every day because it only took 5min to bake!

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 11 months ago

Snickers Bars Recipe

I’m back at uni from 9-4 for the next week but that doesn’t stop me from making over 100 of these protein snickers bars (priorities right)!

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 11 months ago

No Bake Choc PB Protein Slice

When you want a quick dessert but end up taking 30 minutes to unnecessarily shape your peanut butter chocolate fudge slice into a pie shape.  You can make this recipe and put it in a rankin dish or mug - you definitely don’t need to waste time shaping it into a pie shape as I did.

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 11 days ago

Protein Carrot Loaf

There are many foods that I can’t live without, and one of them is Carrot Cake. What food can’t you live without? Here's a yummy recipe of my favourite carroty loaf.

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 3 months ago

Vegan Raspberry Protein Crumble

Are you looking for a delicious vegan protein dessert that will satisfy all your cravings? Contributor Sarah Fit Foodie has created a berry delicious recipe that will surely get you drooling!