Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 4 days ago

No Bake Choc PB Protein Slice

When you want a quick dessert but end up taking 30 minutes to unnecessarily shape your peanut butter chocolate fudge slice into a pie shape.  You can make this recipe and put it in a rankin dish or mug - you definitely don’t need to waste time shaping it into a pie shape as I did.

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 17 days ago

Protein Carrot Loaf

There are many foods that I can’t live without, and one of them is Carrot Cake. What food can’t you live without? Here's a yummy recipe of my favourite carroty loaf.

Recipes / by Sarah Ky - 3 months ago

Vegan Raspberry Protein Crumble

Are you looking for a delicious vegan protein dessert that will satisfy all your cravings? Contributor Sarah Fit Foodie has created a berry delicious recipe that will surely get you drooling!