Weight Loss / by Ruby Vella - 6 months ago

6 Pillars For Success

Have you ever really considered what it takes to create a successful transformation? Often people think it's as simple as lifting weights and eating healthy, but there are some other key aspects you need to focus on as well.

Gain Muscle / by Ruby Vella - 7 months ago

The 19 Key Principles for Muscle Growth

It isn’t just a simple matter of eating more.. there is a sweet spot where you want to avoid adding necessary fat tissue, and at the same time avoid spinning your wheels by being afraid to gain any fat and thus not making the gains in muscle tissue that you are after.


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I work intimately with my #teamruby girls through coaching for nutrition and training for lifestyle as well as contest preparation. I also compete as an IFBB figure girl myself and thoroughly enjoy living, breathing, and preaching the health and fitness lifestyle. Knowledge is never stagnant! Science is never stagnant!  So I am constantly researching and reading up on studies and information. I live it and love it!


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