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bRaw Ambassadors' Chat

We sat down with 3 ambassadors from bRaw to chat about food, fitness and health. They shared how they started in the fitness and health industry, what’s their favourite food and what they do on the weekends.

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Improve your Results through Better Sleep

Being constantly 'on' makes it difficult to turn off. Our phones, emails, social accounts, messages etc are always beeping with notifications that keep our minds stimulated and unable to turn off so we can enjoy the much need rest out bodies require. 

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Athlete Interview - Robbie Frame

I think one of the fundamental reasons that I gravitate to the pursuit of bodybuilding is that I am in control of all the variables. I can't blame a coach, team mates, a referee or the opposition for why I didn't achieve my goals.

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Athlete Interview - Joe Ward

I've always been very involved in sport since I was a kid. I've played football, rugby, boxing, kickboxing and every other sport you can possibly imagine. Running was an interesting choice because I don't think I ever thought I would be a runner.