Training / by Nick Papastamatis - 9 months ago

Breaking Down The Deadlift

There’s no better feeling than performing a heavy deadlift.  I can still remember the day I cracked 200kg. Considering I’m a chiropractor barely tipping the scales at 80kg I was pretty happy. I can also tell you I was leaving plenty of weight on the floor.

Training / by Nick Papastamatis - 10 months ago

3 Steps to Improve Your Bench Press

After managing the injuries of many different types of athletes from competitive Bodybuilders, Olympic lifters and CrossFitters, there is one thing that remains constant - if the joint being challenged is stable, they will not only avoid injury but they will also produce power.



Every person, every body, every injury is different. Correctly identifying the problem (soft tissue/joint/neurological) determines how you need to tackle it. It is these principles that allowed me to open 6 successful clinics within three years and have the opportunity to work with Olympic Weightlifters, NRL players, Australian Crossfit Representatives and more.

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