Nutrition / by Nick Cheadle - 9 months ago

7 Tips To Prevent Falling Off the Diet Wagon

You’d think it would be the opposite; During the week you’re busy, stressed, rushing around and probably on your feet and burning more calories, so you’d imagine you’d be hungrier, and more prone to over-eating then, but this isn’t so in 99% of cases.

Lifestyle / by Nick Cheadle - 10 months ago

Make Fitness Fit Your Lifestyle

So many people start their fitness journey thinking that they have to live a restrictive, hardcore, all-or-nothing lifestyle, and while they may go okay like this for a little while, pretty soon things take a turn for the worse.

Recipes / by Nick Cheadle - 30 days ago

NCF's Time Saving Smoothie

Soft tofu, when blended fully, provides a texture similar to that of a Greek yogurt. With its creamy consistency, it provides a suitable ingredient for a smoothie.

Recipes / by Nick Cheadle - 2 months ago

Spicy Shrimp Omelette

A good old fashioned omelette, with a hint of the sea! Shrimp are not only tasty, but offer a good source of protein to a meal. This omelette is really tasty.

Recipes / by Nick Cheadle - 2 months ago

Body Blasting Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwiches are probably the world’s number one favourite for breakfast, and it doesn’t need to be riddled in fat for you to enjoy it. In fact, with this recipe, you can have bacon every day!


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