Lifestyle / by Eleni Psillakis - 11 months ago

Surviving Anorexia

The number on the scale became the only important factor, not even aware of the damage I was causing to my bones, hormones, digestive & reproductive systems.

Lifestyle / by Eleni Psillakis - 8 days ago

Identifying Your Relationship With Food

Relationships are often developed and maintained around a meal. This certainly used to be the case for family life every night of the week. When dinner was ready and the table was set, it was a time for the family to sit down together and talk. 


Eating Disorder Educator

Combining over 28 years experience in Education, and the same in the fitness industry as a group instructor and PT, my passion is to raise awareness of eating disorders as serious mental health issues. I am working alongside the Centre for Eating and Dieting Disorders, to review their guidelines for Identifying and Managing Eating disorders in the Fitness Industry.

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