Training / by Dennis Hogan - 11 months ago

Preparing for a Title Fight

My next title fight is coming up on September 10th in Brisbane, I learned of this fight and opponent mid July which was perfect timing as I was doing 90 minutes maintenance boxing cardio work mixed with technique work daily up to that point. 


Professional Boxer

As an amateur boxer I have won Provincial, National and Multi Nations Gold medals, as well as travelling the world as a part of the Irish National Team for many years. As a professional I have won 2 state titles in Queensland, the National Australian Middleweight title, The Oceania regional title, the Celtic nations regional title (Ireland, Scotland, Wales), The North American title and I have also contested the World Title, which has been my only pro loss. As a motivational speaker I’ve spoken at 8 big conferences and seminars around the country mainly to sales and marketing reps and other motivation driven industries. I have also performed talks on health and fitness and also integrity and cooperation in community based environments as well.

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