Nutrition / by Anna Hopkins - 6 months ago

Contest Prepping as a Vegetarian

Having just completed three fitness competitions, I now know this from experience. In the lead up to these comps, my diet was restricted on and off for a year, and my goodness, there were things I missed.

Recipes / by Anna Hopkins - 8 months ago

Vegan Pizza

This delicious pizza base is the perfect vegetarian home made dough equivalent, with a crunchy texture. Swap your grains around for flavour and textural variety or use cauliflower puree for a lower carb alternative and enjoy having healthy, nutritious and vegetarian friendly pizza with all the toppings you love.

Anna Hopkins

Vegetarian and Bikini Competitor

I am a bikini competitor, who was born a vegetarian. I love preparing great food, even in comp prep! I am currently studying my Cert IV in Fitness and have a keen interest in the role nutrition and fitness play in our psychological well-being.

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