Training / by Alicia Fistonich - 9 months ago

Big Glutes Do More Than Just Look Good

Glutes, badonkadonk, booty, butt, bottom, derriere; whatever name it is that you wish to use, having a behind that does its job is not only aesthetically pleasing but also advantageous to anyone competing in just about every sport.

Lifestyle / by Alicia Fistonich - 10 months ago

How To Fix Lifting Incontinence

All too often I hear from women who lift weights, and more specifically compete in Powerlifting, that many of them suffer from incontinence during Squats and Deadlifts. Even scarier is how many feel that this is normal and acceptable.

Training / by Alicia Fistonich - 10 months ago

How To Perfect Your Lunge Technique

Lunges are great for general stamina and muscle development and there are so many variations to them as well. But, somewhere along the way the correct technique for lunging has been forgotten and I see people regularly performing lunges incorrectly. 

Training / by Alicia Fistonich - 10 months ago

Exercising While You Are Pregnant

You might be wondering what’s next in regards to your exercise, and what you can and can’t do during your pregnancy, especially if this is your first pregnancy, or your first pregnancy where you have been exercising regularly beforehand.